Reed's Rukus

Learning to have faith similar to the way Reed looks at life: Simple and Child like

Reed is up in the gym just working on his fitness March 27, 2012

In November of last year we enrolled Reed in The Little Gym. We wanted him to be around and get some interaction with other kids his age. The Little Gym is the worldʼs premier experiential learning and physical development center for kids ages four months through 12 years. Each week, progressively structured classes and a positive learning environment create opportunities for children to try new things and build self-confidence. In all of our programs, physical activity is a conduit for Three-Dimensional Learning. In every dimension, self-confidence and a proud smile are evident outcomes. You can learn more about the three dimensional learning at:

Reed gets really excited on Saturday mornings when we talk about going to gym. Here is a video from this past Saturday of him and I talking about it before I got him  out of the car to go into the building:

Reed talking about Gym before we get down

Everything at the Little Gym is done to music. Songs are sung, bubbles are blown, and there is even a skill of the day that all the kids get to try.  Reed’s always had a pretty big fascination with the balance beams and the bubbles.

You can see the bubbles behind Reed. These are what I call magic bubbles. They do not burst. Bubble time is one of Reed’s favorites.

In the gym are two different balance beams. The one Reed is climbing up is the wider of the two. He’s always liked this one, but recently he’s been trying out the skinnier beam. He’s doing really well on it considering his age.  Below are a few pictures of him on the big beam and a couple video’s of him being brave on the skinnier beam. The pictures are a little blurry, but it’s because he’s moving so quick around the gym that it’s hard to get him in one spot long enough to take a picture.

This is Reed’s first attempt at the skinny beam. As you can tell by the sound of my voice, I was pretty shocked and nervous.

At the beam part 1

This is Reed on the beam with another little boy this past Saturday. He’s really getting brave.

At the beam another time

This past Saturday when they introduced themselves (more like when the parents say the kid’s name and their age) they got to do a front roll over what they call the hot dog. Well during explorer time Reed found the hotdog. Here he is rolling it back and forth. I like to think that this is prepping him for the tires that he will flip doing Cross Fit one day. 😉

I roll the hotdog back and forth

This morning my Mom sent this picture to my phone with the caption, “Where did he learn this?”. It’s safe to say that all of that hanging from the bars at the gym has finally paid off.  Thank you Little Gym for building Reed’s confidence and turning our little buddy into a little dare-devil.


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